Thomas Jefferson High School


Class of 1960


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This broadcast comes to you daily at the same time, same place and same station.

Here is your disc Jockey (and owner) Dave Hoober to give us a low- down on the latest.

“Hmmmm, Hello Folks!  Today we bring you this program sponsored by Dubble Bubble Gum, illustrated by Barbara Hewitt.  Just listen to them smacks!  Just listen to them cracks!  Run to your nearest Snack Shack and pick up a pack”

“You might be glad to know that Kelleen Lamphear and her twin have been touring the country.  They were widely known as the Traveling Pair.  They are making speeches on how to overcome shyness.”

“THE SECRET IS OUT!  Everyone knows why Gloria Beckner got the DAR award now.  She was the first woman shot in the Revolutionary War.”

“Howard “Butchey” Anderson was voted “Mr. Legs” of the year by the Hollywood female stars.”

“Gene Bacon and Dean Brougham, Federal Agents, are working in the hills of Kentucky flushing out moon-shiners.  But are they turning them in?”

“I really shouldn’t tell you......but Tom Benson is now an undercover agent for the F.B.I.  He said not to tell anyone, so .............shh.”

“Isn’t it amazing how Judy Arvidson does it??  She’s the only one who can pin Ron Mossberg!”

“Now for another commercial.  Do you feel dirty?  Do you feel tired?  Do you feel sick?  Do you have troubles?  Do you feel conscious?  Do you have indigestion?  How do you feel???

If you can’t figure it out, here’s what to do.  Roll over two times and land on your stomach.  Jump in the air right quick and pretend you are Etha Plunkett....After all, she was awarded the most feminine girl in her class at Beauty School.

“Phil Andrews is now assistant Commander-in-Chief of National Guard, and also head delivery guy at Steck’s Pharmacy.”

“We are glad to announce Jeannie Brinkman, has won $50 for the slogan of the month, ‘The Better You Hyde It The Better It Works.’”

“Glen Breeden, the famous beautician, now has nine children but still no one believes him when he says he’s married.”

“Steve Gruneau is teaching Government at Oakland now.  Everyone looks for him to marry the “Best” when he plans his future.”

“Rich Ingersoll and Speed Tobias now own the “King” Barber Shop.  They specialize in Yul Brenner hair cuts.”

“Gary Goldsberry is taking Arthur Murray’s Studio over in the near future.”

“Barbara Madison is proud to announce that she has made cheerleading at college.  She goes to West Point Academy”

“Gary Sollazzo, Dick Sigler, Layland Struble, and Bob Stubblefield are in the Olympics as star golfers for Russia.”

“Bob Konecny has replaced ‘Soupy Sales’ as his deceased.”

“Wayne ‘Beaver’ Lotz is still a skinny, bashful guy who now dives 30 feet into a wet sponge.”

“Tom Main puts the knots into knotty pine.”

“Mike Mathews runs the ferry boat up and down the Missouri River.  Juanita Keene is the vocal attraction and Clarice “Cookie” McConnell leads the band.  Bill Mattox does Johnson’s Wax commercials using their new toothbrush size sponge mop.”

“Doug McClintock shaves peaches with the old style Gillette razors.”

“Roger McCoy runs a mouse circus that chews holes in Swiss cheese.”

“Delmar McIntosh will soon replace ‘Moe’ as one of the Three Stooges.”

“Claudia McLaughlin now owns her own garage, she’s a mechanic.”

“Jim Evans is still picking out buck-shots from Everett Mason’s latest charge from his shot gun.”

“Charle Kern is now No. 1 Gaucho movie star.  His latest picture (that opened in Paris, France) is: “Cortez and the Mounted Police.”

“James Kidwell is now chief office boy in a prominent law office in bustling Crescent City, Iowa.  He has an outstanding was record........he’s now started the 7th World War.’

“Ron King has just resigned as chief of NATO.  It is expected he will be offered the Republican candidacy for president of the U.S.  He may, however, accept the lucrative position offered to him as Sr. Instructor in R.O.T.C. at Huey Burge High School.”

‘Gary Kirkendall is now a brave wild game hunter; just last week he killed Bambi.”

“Richard Kirkpatrick is now teaching the Dale Carnegie course, “How to loose friends and alienate people.” In Nutley, New Jersey.”

‘Robert Kitchell  is now president is ISM and also still attending English classes at Thomas Jefferson.”

“William Wohlers and Terry Waldron have started at the bottom of business.  William sells flimsy shoes so Terry will have plenty of repair work.”

“Dennis Storm has carried on an old theme by opening a chain of bargain basements.”

“Gary Dowling is head window washer at the Blackstone.  Judy Tennigkeit runs the elevator.”

“Theon Hogue was elected President of P.T.A. group.  She is representing her seven children that are in school.”

“Penny Stearns has finally met her life’s desire.......she’s scrubbing toilet stools in Broadway Bowl.”

“Ron Burns pinned Gorgeous George last night at the Golden Glove Boxing House.”

“John Joneson and (his wife) Suzanne now own a resort in Minnesota.  Johnnie is busy fishing all day and Suzanne keeps him busy all night cleaning them.”

“Helen Eicher has a night class of Driver’s Training at AL.”

“Do you want to lighten your hair?  If you do, try the product put out by the Gordon-Diamond Products Corporation.  Connie and Don model lightened hair together.”

“Terry Hayes has a booming business as a Bob Cummings-type of photography.  His secretary is Pam Haley.  his nephew is Chuck Clawson, his sister, Wayne Mains.........or, I mean Judy Pat Rogers.”

“David Godwin is now playing in the Fred Waring Orchestra as first violinist, first trombonist, first baritonist and assistant director.”

“Dave Gilson is now doing “Doctor In Spite of Himself” at the Liberty Theater.”

“Lawrence Hoff, who is well known in New York, has made a mint from writing jokes for men’s magazines.”

“Carol Alexander is distributing manager of Gregg Shorthand Incorporated.”

“Lloyd 'Ernie' Arnold was scheduled to start for the New York Yankees replacing Yogi Berra but he broke his arm while sledding at Fairmont Park.”

“Connie Hummel and Sherri Cleveland have started production of a new champagne.  It is said to be delicious.”

“Sharon “Ruthie” Boren is advertising manager for Dr. Beren Company.”

“Robert Brown is now training Bull-dogs for coach Frannie Hanson.”

“Wray Britton raises the flag daily at the Girl Scout Little House.”

“Jim Johnson has finally made it to West Point.  He specializes in cleaning brass for the students.”

“Jim Jenson has received his Master’s Degree and is teaching Homemaking 5 in Omaha.”

"Judy Fields just has arrived in America for a short visit.  She is an active missionary for Hindu’s.”

“Tom Tews make screws for toy cap guns.”

“Rodelle Tompson is now a professional football player and is married to the coach, who is the mascot on Saturdays at Yale, except for the days he’s at Harvard.”

“Eddie Tompkins now know as ‘Turbo’, is a professional rock and roll Mandolin in every state except Ohio.”

“Marilyn Tornholm has now replaced Mr. Don Danford at the Highway Patrol, giving out driver’s tests.”

“Silvia Tornholm is now looking forward to a job as secretary to General Curtis LeMay in the U.N. Building.”

“Pat Trotter has graduated from college and is now back at Tee Jay teaching slow students American History.”

“Norman Wakefield is bass soloist in the intermissions at the Muse Art Theater.”

“Marcia Vargas is now a policewoman who has her regular boat on Broadway between Rudy’s and 1st Street.”

“JoAnn Waffle now travels around the country dressed as Aunt Jemima, advertising their pancake and waffle mix.”

“Jane Vernon and Jim Robshaw decided it was cheaper to go to the same college.  That way they can save on stamps.”

“Mary Vogt is still working for the Telephone Company and is expecting a promotion which will enable her to dial Omaha for the first time.”

“Garrett Walling was so eager to join the Navy that he forgot and took Bev with him.”

“Ron Westerberg is still trying to find the proper place to road in his Government class book when Mrs. Strickland called on him on May 10, 1960.”

“Tom Wassinger is now running Westerberg’s Health Bar which serves only non-alcoholic drinks!”

“Donna West is now married to Mr. Heal and has four little souls.”

“Craig Wells is the father of 5 sets of triplets and is planning to form his own drill team.”

“Mary Ann Waugh is still living off the funds she collected in her Senior year, acting as Treasurer of the class.”

“Cynthia Waugh is still looking for the first ad for the “King and I” programs.”

“Chuck Young, who majored in Dramatics and Stage Management, is now teaching students about male and female plays.”

“Jim Abshire is now a corporation lawyer and specializes in only case that he believes to be guilty.”

“Larry Wheeler majored in Chemistry at Iowa University and is now teaching High School.  He gives his students a second chance if they fail a test.”

“Ed Allerton is still taking over Mrs. Strickland’s class when she leaves the room.”

“John Hanson is now president of the Harley-Davidson Motorcycle Corporation.”

“Fred Kratske never did get his high school diploma.  Relaxed Fred was just too tired and slow to get up to the platform to receive it.”

“Douglas Mumm is now head of one of Council Bluffs leading stores, the “Bargain Spot.”

“Marvin Munyon has just been appointed to a new position.  He is now head checker.  Now he can get some of his groceries free!!”

“Sandy Pace is still looking forward to getting married.  She is a hard worker, but it just seems that Bill will never get out of college!”

“Joe and Pete Paladino are a working team, going around the world showing the country how they unmasked Dr 'X'!"

"Bernie Peterson is still waiting for the important answer from Connie Marr.........but she only says no because she doesn’t have enough money for both!”

“Peggy Pieper has just won first place for being the only woman to talk for 24 hours without stopping.”

 “John Ramirez is now one of the well known band leaders.  Him and his band play free for all of Tee Jay’s activities.”

“Joe Medakovich now has a responsible job at Notre Dame.  He is head water boy.”

“Charlotte Miller decided it was cheaper to become a beauty operator and bleach her own hair than to make a visit to Constantino’s every week.”

“Dennis Moore prints white admits and sells them to the Tee Jay students for $1 each.”

“Shirley Moore works for Roto-rooter, rooting out sewers.”

“Meri Strong, after she graduated from college, has a booming business making ladies’ Ceil Chapman dresses.”

“Fonda Sturgeon travels with her husband, with whom she never married because the blood test were never returned, as a good will ambassador.”

“Bill Talbott and brother have formed a corporation that manufactures 'Talbott andTalbott Talcum Powder'.”

“Karen Taylor and Jackie Skank now run a rest home for old maids in Utah.”

“Sandy Torrez has married the manager of the Cooper Theater and is now the hostess.”

“Rosalie Bruner paints nose cones on high altitude rockets.”

“Alexander’s Rag Time Band is under the direction of Terry Roberts now.  His pianist is Gilbert English.”

“Marvin Hiatt now owns his own chain of Quickies.”

“Harriet Hillman has replaced the Miss Clairol girl on TV.  Her hair is a different color every night.”

“Ron Clemens is advertising for the Mr. American look.”

“This program is sponsored by Nancy Lang’s Kickapoo Joy Juice.  The more you juice it the joyer you get.”

“Davy Lee has taken the place of Gregore on Shock Theater.”

“Sally Latham took over Gale Storm’s place on ‘Oh, Suzanna’.  Larry Morse is the captain.  and Sharon Rolfes is Noogie.”

“Jerry Sorenson has just arrived home from a long journey across country.  He has been offered the position of Mayor in Hancock, Iowa.  His decision will appear in Sunday’s paper.”

“Don Souser has signed up with the L. A. Dodgers.  He is now on the farm team (planting corn).”

“Mike Stogdill is a great debator at the U. N. about economics.”

“Delores Ramos and Donetta Cupit won a special certificate of the most ravishing hair style in the Middle West.  They plan to get their own Beauty Parlor next month.”

“Marilyn Lammers is an early retired Bubble Dancer.  She ran out of soap.”

“Larry Ives has a class of Trampoline at Omaha University.  In the summer time he is a clown in the Circus.”

“Jeri Humlicek (McMullen) was Mrs. America last year.”

“Carole Hodge, who is married now, insists on wearing slacks when she goes out to eat.  The only one who objects is her father-in-law.”

“Jo Gayman and Donny Scoular are a quietly married couple raising demons.”

“Sam Irwin is just getting over the heartbreak of Joan Gallagher marrying another Sam.”

“Kay Dell Bailey is now the mother of six.”

“Linda Edwards married a dime store chain owner.”

“Linda Anderson and her husband are co-sponsors of a kiddy car club....the Pedal Poppers.”

“Jerry Anderson runs an ant farm.  He’s trying to earn commission the hard way.”

“Sheryl Edmonds is running a peacock farm.  She sells the feathers to earring manufacturers.”

“Mike Bousfield is the present day idol of teenage record buyers.....he imitates birds.”

“Keith Anderson is the head window washer at the Empire State Building.”

“Patsy Bowen was the first woman in orbit.  She made it the hard way.”

“Gary Buechner is still working his way up to Colonel in R.O.T.C. at Tee Jay.”

“Gloria Wray attended Iowa State Teachers College and majored in Laundry.”

“Lester Whitney married Mrs. Gillespie’s daughter and now has her for a mother-in-law.”

“Lorraine Wigington owns the Wigington Castel Wig Company.

“Saundra Wilson is now married and is living in the house she designed in Homemaking 5.”

“Dorothy Wingate is still absent mindedly putting Roger’s ring in her lunch sack and then throwing it away.”

“Carol Witt is now writing poems for 'Playboy' magazines.”

“Bill Reichart now has the girl’s track team at Mt. Loretto.”

“It is said that Chuck Reed has excellent acting talents.  The only thing wrong is that he can’t remember his lines.”

“Jim Pogue, a person who has always adored Economics, has finally received his Master’s Degree and is now teaching Mr. Gotchell!”

“Katherine Mace is now doing TV commercials for Paste and Sandstorm Coffee.”

“Kate Coleman is an ole pretzel twister.  She has nothing to do with the beer!”

“Ken Corum manufactures heavy duty grocery bags.  He’s a pretty popular man with the housewife who has to lug her own groceries!”

“Richard Anderson has an usual job.  He’s the wake up man at the Council Bluffs Drive-in...the guy who sends them home when the show’s over.”

“Terry Carrigan runs a rather itchy business.  He runs a flea circus.”

“Donna Alton is now an Omaha meter-maid....gas meters, that is.”

“Mike Conzemius and Narciso DeSantiago are both the reforming businessmen.  Mike is a minister and Narciso is a layman.”

“Judy Anderson is now a welfare worker, but as of yet she hasn’t had to give assistance to any of her classmates.”

“Barbara Paulson juggles molecules around while trying to invent a man.”

“Dorothy Lyons has a very unglamorous job.  She’s chief cook and bottler washer at Ewald’s.:

“Lois Markey is a cab driver in the vicinity of Omaha.”

“Caroline Rhoades is now head of the Congressional Library.”

“Francis Reimers is a very busy nurse at the Veteran’s Home in Omaha.”

“Roger ‘Hog’ Howland isn’t making his fortune as batboy for the Northwest Bantams,  but Nancy Zimmerman, a modern dancer, seems to manage to support them both.”

“Jan Wilderman sells kisses at 4-H conventions in Des Moines.”

“Jerry LaMotte is coming up in the world.  He now cleans tables off in the TJ lunchroom instead of doing the dishes.”

“The great Diantha Glee Biggerstaff is now married and her new name is Mrs. Choir Littlestaff.”

“Arliss Goodman finally got a promotion at Evan’s Laundry.  She is replacing the Wash Woman.”

“Commercial time.....Use Barr Soap.  It will get you clean in half the time than DeBar will.  Cynthia Barr guarantees cleanliness.  Gloria DeBar does too.  Who is right??  Try them, today......”

“Now for the latest news flash...The Dirty Dozen plans to strike again.  Look out for Tom Dettman, Ron Kelley, Ray Knight, Bob Kitchell, Rich Kirkpatrick, Larry Olson, Gary Petry, Bill Shephard, Paul Osborn, Keith Paskewitz, Ron Smith and Jolene Wilson.”

“Again there has  been a big robbery at Brandeis.  Delilah DeSanti is being held for suspicion.”

“Joyce Liston is suing Bob Stepphun for a divorce.  Her lawyer is Ken Hawkins.  Patricia Finck was the couple’s marriage counselor.  She said that she didn’t think there was any hope, and they actually beat her up.  Then Joyce beat up the policeman, Robert DeBoer, who was just merely a bystander.  Well, the policeman took it to court and the judge, Noel Johansen, said, “Throw all of them in jail”, while he took a recess.  The judge went out and played a few rounds of poker with Carol Stevens, Pete Steward, Janet Stork and Floyd Diamond.  When he called the court to order again, he said that they should drop the case and hang Ralph Campbell at dawn.”

“Uh oh, another commercial.

“It’s Bobbie Lovelace here to tell us about ‘Pitch-black Hair Tonic’.....Well, you just take some black stuff and mix it with water.  Then you put that junk on your hair before you wash it.  Just dab dry and you have it.  It’s really so simple.  Do try it, won’t you?”

“We have just received the list of honored people who were initiated into the Dishonor Society tonight.  They are Larry Beltz, Mickey Dinovo, Sue Oviatt, Carol Fogle, Howard Johnson, and Joan Posvar.”

“Leona McGee has graduated from her further schooling and is now a policewoman.  She hopes to become a Private Eye.  She loves mysteries.”

“Charles Hook just won the Indianapolis 500 in his car, 'The Fish Hook'.”

“Neil Holmes is an Admiral in the U.S. Navy and sails around the world every 80 days.”

“Marvin Baxter was one of TJ’s first to take advantage of our 5 year plan to get his diploma.”

“Jerry Baird has made the decision to pass up his diploma and come back to TJ to try and make the first five on the basketball team.”

“Delores Butler and Kathy Butler own the Butler Butting Company.  They remove horns from goats.”

“Judy Coffman has a job of demonstrating Cough Medicine.”

“Judy Doty, Joyce Edmonston, Nancy Dillehay, Donna Cumpston, Ann Cook, Mary Kaufman, Shirley Pearey, Carolyn Peterson and Charlotte Frain are WAC’s now”

“Frank Collins runs a bookie joint for the AkSarBen Races.”

“Kay Conaway has made a tremendous path traveling around as an Airline Stewardess.”

“Joanne Dennis married and now her married name is Monaco.”

“Gary Dewaele sells fire and auto theft insurance.”

“Bill Dimmitt is working on a second Noah’s Ark.  Clair Fennell just builds house boats.”

“Nancy Foster is the top money maker at Mitchellville.”

“Anita File is a dietician at St. Bernard’s.  Dick Gittins is a dentist.  And Larry Hymer is an optometrist.”

“Bessie Jones is the walking dictionary at the University of Florida.”

“Robert Jones owns Jones Body Shop.  He fixes and paints cars.”

“Dan Kilbane is taking Hercules Cortez’s place in the wrestling world.”

“Joella Kirk manufactures mouse traps.”

“Jim Larsen is a Baseball coach at a High School.  (Girl’s Baseball)”

“Sally Jacobson is a singer of “Happy Birthday”.  Do invite her to your next birthday party, won’t you?”

“Mary Hostetter is a stenographer to the Russian Premier.”

“Paul Rolfe models space suits.”

“Ken Ruffcorn went to court and changed his name to “Smoothcorn”.

“Marcia Sanders and her partner have won the U.S. dancing contest of 1970.”

“Valerie Sayers owns her own Skating Rink now.”

“Well, folks, that ends our 1970 broadcast of the 1960 Class Reunion.  Now remember, tune in at the same time, same place, and same station every day.”