Thomas Jefferson High School


Class of 1960


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Each day is a closed book of life, and the next brings another, beginning a new opportunity.  With this thought in mind, we come to the realization that our days here are few and numbered.  It is advisable that we, the Senior Class of Thomas Jefferson, make proper and final disposal of all the treasures and keepsakes we have accumulated and held dear the past four years.

We present this issue, in testament for consideration of all under classmates, this document.  To Wit: The Will

We, the proudest, most privileged and intelligent Senior Class of Thomas Jefferson High School, in the year of 1960, do hereby solemnly declare this ever important document to be our Last Will and Testament.

In this declaration we want it understood that all our teachers have done their very best to guide us and make us the proudest and most intelligent class to maneuver through these halls.

Item I

To each of our parents, we bequeath our deep gratitude for the opportunities of obtaining the best education.  If we have caused them hardships from our carelessness, we are deeply sorry.  We will forever be grateful for the effort on their part to guide us and keep us on the right path.  We offer thanks for everything and we shall always appreciate all they have done for us.


Item II

To the faculty, we bequeath our store of knowledge which each of them have given us to generously.

Through them we have learned much—that what you believe influences what you are, and what you are determines your value here.  Our years here at Thomas Jefferson High School have been very pleasant ones.  It has not been all humor and fun, but hard work, too, to gain the lasting knowledge.  They will carry their knowledge as they do a watch, not for display, but for their own use.

We truly appreciate the patience and understanding they have given each of us.

Item III

To our principal, we bequeath our sense of humor and the many memories of this proud class of ours.

The outstanding achievements of each and every one of this said class will be so great that the reflection will make him feel equally great and proud.  Just knowing that he was affiliated with our class will be a passport to his future success.

Item IV

To the office force and custodians, we ask you to accept our sincere apologies for any careless and thoughtless mischief that we may have caused in or about the building.  We have all taken part in many frivolous activities during our career, and we apologize for any trouble we may have caused you.


Item V

To the Junior Class, we bequeath the properties and articles which belonged to the Senior Class, such as the lamp of wisdom, the key to knowledge and success, and many other articles.

In leaving these precious articles, we sincerely hope you will treasure, guard, and protect them as we have, so that they may be passed down through the years to our underclassmen.


Item VI

We the Senior Class, now graduating, also bequeath to the Junior Class the rank of Seniors.  We have no further use for it.  We give you the right to wear our caps and gowns only with the warning that you hold your head high.


Item VII

Likewise, we bequeath the following gifts from individuals of our own class to the individuals of the forth-coming classes.


To Wit:

     I, Jim Abshire, leave my love for R.O.T.C. to anyone that wants it.

      I, Eddie Allerton, will my ability to usually get kicked out of English class to Dave Haven.

      I, Carole Alexander, being of sound mind, bequeath my position as Filing Manager in Secretarial Practice to Linda Boyer.  Good luck, Lin; you’ll need it.

      I, Donna Alton, will my ability to graduate in January to anyone who wishes to speed up school.

      I, Howard Anderson, will my very best can opener to Gary Hobbs.

      I, Jerry Anderson, being of sound mind, do hereby leave my ability in R.O.T.C. to any deserving Junior boy. 

     I Judy Anderson, will by beat up locker to anyone who wants to run up and down the stairs between every class.

      I, Keith Anderson, leave all of my cheat sheets to Ron Ferryman.

      I, Linda Anderson, leave my ability to have water fights at the fountain with Mr. Leed to any Junior willing to remain here for another four years.

     I, Richard Anderson, will a portion of my good studying habits to a Junior named Denny Baird.

      I, Phillip Andrews, will my naturally blond hair to the Junior Class.

      I, Lloyd Arnold, will my big feet to Bobby Aldrich.

      I, Judy Arvidson, being of sound mind and body, do hereby will my nice short hair to Gwendolyn Mennaw.

     I, Gene Bacon, being of sound mind and body, bequeath to Spencer Visuri my Budweiser tap.

      I, Kay Dell Bailey, will my height and long pageboy hairdo to Renee Gallup. ”Hurry, Renee, there’s no time like now to obtain them.”

      I, Jerry Baird, will my ability to skip Art Class to David Slack.

      I, Cynthia Barr, will my ability to graduate in January to anyone who wishes to hurry through school.

      I, Mervin Baxter, will my ability to graduate to the next Senior Class.

      I, Gloria Beckner, will my ability to type the Senior Class Will to my sister, Sally, when she is a Senior.

      I, Larry Beltz, being of sound mind and body, will to Don Dew my sterling silver opener.

      I Tom Benson, leave my everlasting ability to get along with Mr. Fields to Ken Massey.

      I, Diantha Biggerstaff, do hereby will my honored place in Mrs. Brisby’s English class to Carol Betts.

      I, Sharon Boren, hereby will my Beulah Quackenberry column to Frances Campbell, my place in Y-Teens to Bonnie Buvak, and my ability to blush to Mr. Capel.

      I, Mike Bousfield, will my cars to Bob Payne.

      I, Patsy Bowen, will to Mary Diane Fox my naturally blond hair.

      I, Glen Breeden, being of feeble body and weak mind, do hereby will all my brownie points from Mr. Fields and Mr. Bolton to Nick Paulson.

      I, Jean Brinkman, will to Margaret Walker my old cheerleading tennis shoes in order that she’ll have them polished at every game. 

     I, Wray Britton, being of sound mind (?) and of sound body ( a bit flabby) do will and bequeath my rhythm (?) to any unsuspecting freshman music student.

      I, Dean Brougham, will my war hoop in the halls to Mike Beasley.

      I, Robert Brown, will my athletic ability to Thomas Jefferson’s 1960-1961 football team.

      I, Rosalie Bruner, do hereby will the broken coat hook in my locker to Sandy Martin.

      I, Gary Buechner, being of sound body and mind, will that upon my graduation I leave my entire estate of 14 ˝  cents to the school of Thomas Jefferson

      I, Ronald Burns, being of sound mind and body, will my high position in Reserve Officers Training Corp  (R.O.T.C.) to Larry Daugherty. 

     I, Delores Butler, will Karen Tacy the key to my “Hopeless Hope Chest.” 

     I, Kathleen Butler, bequeath to anyone who wants it, locker 194 by the hottest radiator in the school---for the purpose of baking cakes, pies, etc, during the day.

      I, Ralph Campbell, will one used beat up Thomas Jefferson book cover.

      I, Terry Carrigan, will my football ability to Mick Wallace.

      I, Chuck Clawson, hoping to be of sound mind some day, will my ability to always stay on the right side of Miss Moeller and my ability to be quiet and set up straight and tall in my chair to Bill Armstrong.

      I, Ronald Clemens, will my ability to achieve good grades without having homework once. 

     I, Sherri Cleveland, hearing that a certain sophomore suffers from writers cramps, do hereby will my Economic notebooks to Bonnie McCoy.

      I, Judy Coffman, will to Sandy Matuski my typewriter in Mr. Jones’ room and the ability to use it.

      I, Kathleen Coleman, will my ability to fool secret pals to Linda Oviatt.

      I, Frank Collins, will to some dumb freshman my unconquerable and unsurpassed spirit and ability to see no homework, do no homework, and have no homework of, by and for the teacher

      I, Kay Conaway, will to Doris Sage my black eyebrows so she doesn’t have to buy eyebrow pencil.

      I, Ann Cook, will to Marlene Friedman by ability to forget F.T.A. meetings.

      I, Kenneth Corum, being of feeble body and matching mind, will my ability of doing my English assignment in Mrs. Brisby’s classroom to Mike Hutchins, this 25th day of March, 1960 A.D.

      I, Donna Cumpston, will my sewing ability to the Junior girls.

      I, Donetta Cupit, do hereby will my bow and arrows along with my ability to talk in study hall without getting caught (?) to Karen Teitsort.

      I, Gloria DeBar, will the bottle of black hair dye that I had to use for the operetta to Wanda Smith, in case she is ever in the same operetta.

      I, Robert Deboer, will by power to be quiet in study hall to Larry Waffle.

      I, Joanne Dennis, will my good grammar and spelling learned in Mrs. Brisby’s English class to Phyllis McKern.

      I, Delilah DeSanti, being of sound body and mind, do hereby will to my sister, June, all my bobby pins, lip stick, and clothes.  Now you can make it legal and won’t have to swipe them.

      I, Narciso DeSantiago, will all my A’s in American Government class to my cousin, Raymond DeSantiago.

      I, Tom Dettman, hereby will my red hair and my blue pencil to Miss Diane Stacy.

      I, Gary Dewaele, will my great talents to Dennis Storm.

      I, Floyd Diamond, will Tee Jay to A.L.

      I, Nancy Dillehay, will to the English 7 class “Macbeth” and hope they understand it better than I did.

      I, Bill Dimmitt, will my spare tire to Bob Jones.

      I, Mike Dinovo, do will to Larry Spencer my ability to get along with Mrs. Strickland in homeroom. 

     I, Judy Ann Doty, will my ability to Karen Tacy.

      I, Gary Dowling, will my ability to be bawled out at least once a day.

      I, Sheryl Edmonds, will my desk in homeroom No. 103 to some poor freshman.

      I, Joyce Edmonston, will my sewing needle to the homemaking class.

      I, Linda Edwards, being of sound (?) mind, will to Karen Tacy the good luck (?) I had in Shorthand 3 and 4 and wish that she will be successful in her future years.

      I, Helen Eicher, will my ability to open the windows and also to dictate and be calm to Miss Elliott.

      I, Gilbert English, will my ability to louse up a perfect day to Stuart Crouse.

      I, Jim Evans, being of sound body and mind, will my masculine ability to become a mother in one day to anybody who thinks they are able.

      I, Clair Fennell, will to Terry Smith my list of Mr. Paluka’s “Words of Wisdom.”

      I, Judy Fields, will to June DeSanti my locker (Number 38) in hopes that she will continue to feed my mouse as I have done for the past four years.

      I, Anita File, being of no mind at all, will and bequeath my purse and all contents of make-up to Shirley Deeds. 

     I, Patricia Finck, will my ability to graduate.

      I, David Fox, will by ability to get kicked out of Debate Class to Gene Craig (who probably doesn’t need it.)

      I, Nancy Foster, do hereby will to my younger brother, Dennis, two broken pencils, one leaky fountain pen, and my desk in Mrs. Strickland’s room.

      I, Charlotte Frain, will my ability to be on time to classes to Clyda Flowers.

      I, Joan Gallagher, will one broken pencil and my seat in Economics to Penny Ginn.

      I, David O. Gilson, will to Art Manzito my favorite spot in the checkroom.  (Take care of it, Art).

      I, Dick Gittins, will to Don Dew my seat in Mr. Sklenicka’s Chemistry Class.

      I, David Godwin, being of sound mind, will my ability to sleep in classes to Fred Paladino; and I will my ability to be first in the lunch line to David Klement.

      I, Gary Goldsberry, will to Gene Craig the seats that I sat in while I went to school.

      I, Arliss Goodman, will to Linda Bolton by ability to chew gum in the Signal room without getting caught.

      I, Connie Gordon, will to Don Diamond five points on his driver’s license.  You’ll need them with only one of your own.

      I, Steven Gruenau, will my ingenious brain to Don Campbell.

      I, Pam Haley, will my chair in homeroom to Mary Conway.

      I, John Hansen, will my knowledge of American History to Duane Hassler so he can graduate next year.

      I, Kenneth Hawkins, will my first chair in E flat alto saxophone section of the T.J. band to Valerie Valentine.

      I, Terry Hayes, will myself to the highest bidder.

      I, Barbara Hewitt, leave my ability to grow long fingernails to my sister, Aileen.

      I, Marvin Hiatt, being of sound body and weak mind, will to my car, which is of weak body and has no Mind, a tune-up, transmission, and new tires, all of which it needs.

      I, Harriet Hillman, will my ability to graduate to the Junior Class.

      I, Carole Hodge, will my freckles and the ability to hide them to Randy Zahn.  “Hide them well, Randy, with Max Factor liquid make-up.”

      I, Skip Hoff, will by trumpet playing ability to Bill Machmiller. 

     I, Theon Hogue, will my gift of gab and gaiety to my sister, Barbara Hogue.

      I, Neil Holmes, will my place at the lunch table to Jack Core.

      I, Dave Hoober, will my outstanding athletic ability (I have had athlete’s foot 27 times in 4 years---a school record) to Linda Bolton. 

     I, Charles Hook, will my great record with R.O.T.C. to fellow students.

      I, Mary Hostetter, will my typewriter in Room 201 to Colleen Croghan.

      I, Roger Howland, being of sound mind (?) and able body, do hereby will and bequeath my abilities to run out of gas and get stuck in the snow to Spencer Visuri. 

     I, Jeri Humlcek, will to Judy Brown my ability to get all the latest gossip in the morning.

      I, Connie Hummel, will my ability to drag race (and lose) going down Broadway at 35 miles an hour (except in front of Tee Jay) to Jeanie Jensen, in case she gets her driver’s license. 

     I, Larry Hymer, will my little ability to do a little of nothing to whoever wants it not enough.

      I, Richard Ingersoll, do will to one Denny Smith my ’49 Ford (Tin Can) so he can save on shoe leather.

      I, Sam Irwin, will the sites of a rifle to Tom Robinson.

      I, Larry Ives, will to Bob Musgrove my putty knife with which to scrape gum off the bottom of the tables here at good ole Tee Jay.  Happy scraping.

      I, Sally Jacobsen, will to Kathy Kissel my ability to date Terry Carrigan.

      I, Jim Jensen, will my ability to skip school successfully to Roger Nichols.

      I, Noel Johannsen, will my gold teeth to anyone who wants them.

      I, Howard Johnson, will to John Gibler my ability to get out of 7th periods and also my ability to play poker. Good luck, John.

      I, Jim Johnson, will to Dave Slack his way with women and to the whole Junior Class his big mouth.

      I, Bessie Jones, will my singing ability to Lillian Breshers.

      I, Robert Jones, will to my brother, Davy Jones, the ability to sleep in Economics class without getting caught.

      I, John Joneson, will to Chris Christensen my ability to stay sober and be able to get along with just one girl.

      I, Mary Kaufman, do will the extra credits I’ve made in the four years I’ve been at Tee Jay to my brother, Charles Kaufman, who’s a freshman. He will need them.

      I Juanita Keene, will to Linda O’Hara my ability to go steady without wearing a class ring.

      I, Ronald Kelley, will my ability to get along with Mr. Fields and Mr. Fanders, also my ability to work anything for Mr. Fanders.

      I, Charles Kern, will the tri-carbs on my car to anyone who can afford to buy gas for them.

      I, Jim Kidwell, will my ability not to get along with the students, but my ability to get along with my teachers to Butch Diarcks.

      I, Dan Kilbane, will by ability to wear shades during school to Wayne Martin for the year of 1960-1961.

      I, Ronald King, will my San Diego address to anyone desiring to send money to said address.

      I, Joella Kirk, will mi abilliti to spel to thi besst of mi abilliti two tha Junior Class.

      I, Gary Kirkendall, leave my superior artistic abilities to Louis Louden.

      I, Richard Kirkpatrick, will my ability to get back in school to Don Talbot.

      I, Robert Kitchell, will my great working ability to Edd Anderson.

      I, Ray Knight, leave my ability to keep out of 7th periods and my ability to pass my subjects.

      I, Bob Konecny, will to Wes Doughman my seat in Miss Dorman’s art class.

      I, Fred Kratzke, will Jim Krise my ability to run the 100 yard dash in less than 2 seconds.

      I, Marilyn Lammers, will my errors in typing class to Jean Plummer.

      I, Kelleen Lamphear, hereby give my brother, Kelvin, to Jody Piazza.

      I, Kelvin Lamphear, will my picture of Alfred E. Newman to Jerry Baxter in hopes that one look at Alfred’s face will carry him through many dreary days as it did me.

      I, Gerald LaMotte, will to my sister, Connie, my ability to get good grades.

      I, Nancy Lang, will to Judy Wohlert my seat next to Joel Jessen at next year’s music clinic.

      I, Jim Larsen, will my extreme ability to get along with Miss Dorman to Larry Spencer and Bob Hensky. 

     I, Sally Latham, will to Sandy Keele, my ability to nominate people for an office that they do not want.

      I, Mary Laudon, will to the Class of 1961 my brown hair.

      I, Davy Lee, will to Randy Zahn my ability to stay awake in class. 

      I, Joyce Liston, will to Judy Gaymon my small feet.

      I, Wayne Lotz, will all the fame and fortune my nickname of “Beaver” has acclaimed me to Eugene Craig, in hopes that he, too, will bring no dishonor upon it, as I hope I have not done.

      I, Bobbie Lovelace, will to Linda Clodfelder all my left over make-up in home room.  Have fun, Linda.

      I, Dorothy Lyons, will to the next occupant of locker 179 the tuna fish sandwich that has been there for a year.

      I, Kathrine Ann Mace, will my black glass to Clydia Flowers, and my red hair and temper to the Senior Class of 1961.

      I, Barbara Madison, will my ability to get the flu at the wrong time to Dianne Smith.

      I, Tom Main, will my ability to loaf at wrestling practice to Bill Parks.

     I, Wayne Mains, of sound mind, I think, will my ability to go up the wrong stairs at the wrong time to Phyllis Anderson.

      I, Lois Markey, hereby will my place in sewing class to Eileen Wisecup and hope she has as much fun in her Senior year as I did.

      I, Connie Marr, will my ability to keep my mouth shut to Randy Zahn.  Good luck Randy, it should prove to be quite a chore.

      I, Mike Mathews, will to Wes Doughman my ability to get along with Miss Dorman in Art class.

      I, Bill Mattox, will my best baseball bat to Don Dew.

      I, Douglas McClintock, will my ability to open the lock of our locker in a crowded to Dick Jones.

     I, Cookie McConnell, will to Timmie Ann Fox my ability to skip school and get caught.  Good luck, Timmie.

      I, Roger McCoy, will my drafting board to Glen Wickersham.

      I, Leona McGee, will to Larry Lee the ability to keep brotherly love in the family.

      I, Delmar McIntosh, will my right to walk the halls during class time.

      I, Claudia McLaughlin, will to Diane Eicher, my ability to make the most errors in production class.

      I, Joe Medakovich, will my strength and baseball ability to Bob Aldrich.

      I, Charlotte Miller, will be good grades in Spanish to Richard (Rick) Hutchens.

     I, Dennis Moore, will my plaid mink-lined jock to Mr. Diblasi.

      I, Shirley Moore, being of sound (?) mind, will to Karen Smith my faithful (?) sewing machine in Homemaking 8.  I hope you use it for more than gabbing.

      I, Larry Morse, will my job in the cafeteria to anyone who wants it.

      I, Ron Mossberg, will the whirlpool and workout room to the next wrestling team.

      I, Douglas Mumm, will to David Lee my battered up slide rule in hopes that he reads it more accurately than I did.

      I, Marvin Munyon, will my ability to give wrong commands in R.O.T.C. to troops on special occasions to Jerry Baxter.

      I, Larry Olson, will my right arm to Jacquie Watkinson, my girl, because I told her I would give her my right arm to have her.

      I, Paul Osborn, will my feeble eye and butter fingers to Terry Munyon. 

     I, Sue Oviatt, will Cookie Kruse the ability to walk out to R.O.T.C. at the wrong time and inspect hiking shorts.

     I, Sandra Pace, will to Marilyn Rosenbaugh my clarinet-playing ability and my first chair in the second part of the clarinet section.

      I, Joe Paladino, will my ability to sleep in Choir to Art Manzitto.

      I, Peter Paladino, the second, being of warped mind and body, do hereby bequeath my entire estate of three seconds of the time of day to my most devoted friend, Carlin Hattin.

     I, Barbara Paulson, hereby bequeath my ability to play sour notes in orchestra to Judy Petersen.

      I, Shirlee Pearey, hereby will my chair in homeroom to Doris West.

      I, Carolyn Petersen, will my ability to graduate to the next Senior class.

      I, Bernie Petersen, will to Jason Coziahr my way with girls, “Conceit, conceit.”

      I, Gary Petry, being in sound mind and beautiful body, leave my pencil, old notebooks, and scratch paper to Brains Philip Beckman.

     I, Peggy Pieper, do hereby leave to Sharon Gaines the one little gray mouse in my locker.  Please take good care of him for he has had his home there for four years.

      I, Etha Plunkett, do hereby will my old basketball shoes, slightly worn after four years use, to Arlene Baker and Nancy Mum, one shoe to each. May they have as much fun in them as I’ve had.

      I, Jim Pogue, will my bad luck to any Freshman who comes to TJ with the idea that he knows it all.

      I, Joan Posvar, will my ability to grow my hair fast to Phyllis “Butch” Anderson.

      I, John Ramirez, will my baritone saxophone to Dick Moats.  Remember, Dick, it’s the small end you blow into. 

      I, Delores Ramos, hereby will my long hair to a Junior friend, Suzette Richer.

      I, Charles Reed, will my ability to graduate to the Junior class.

      I, William Reichart, will to the janitors at T.J. the many dusty footprints in the halls that have accumulated during my four years.

      I, Frances Reimers, will by ability to graduate from high school in four years to the Freshmen.

      I, Caroline Rhodes, being of sound mind, do hereby leave my fabulous ability to get dirty hands in Production Class to Mary Ellen Boyer.

      I, Terry Roberts, will to some poor unsuspecting underclassman the ability to wield a baton as drum major. 

     I, Josie Rodriguez, will my sculpting ability to Jerry Swede Williams.

      I, Judy Rogers, do hereby will to Sue Vernon my beloved broken chair in homeroom.  I hope you get pinched as many times as I did.

      I, Paul Rolfe, will my ability to graduate to the next Senior Class.

      I, Sharon Rolfes, being of unsound mind, will my ability to spell to the next Senior Class

      I, Kenneth Ruffcorn, will my ingenius brain to Jeanne Cyphers.

      I, Marcia Sanders, being of sound mind (?) do hereby bequeath locker 11 and all my half used books to Judy Ackerman.  Finish reading them, Judy.

      I, Valerie Sayers, will my ability to talk in homeroom and get along with Mr. Hawkes so well to Linda Grosvenor.

      I, Bill Shephard, will my ability to stay out of trouble to my sister. 

     I, Dick Sigler, being of sound mind and body (I think), hereby turn over all military obligation, headaches, medals, pips, ticket to Army summer camp and deck of cards to my most worrying little friend, Fred Paladino.  Good Luck!

      I, Jacquelyn Skank, being of unsound mind, do hereby will to Carol Betts and Linda Clodfelder, my ability to get caught doing homework and chewing gum during choir.

      I, Ron Smith, will my car to Karen Haines and also all my love and care to Larry Olson.  I give my bicycle and all of my old school books to Mr. Bolton.

      I, Gary Sollazzo, will nothing to anyone; I need anything I can get.

      I, Jerry Sorensen, will to Wes Doughman my ability to graduate mid-term.  Best of luck.  You’ll need it.

      I, Don Souser, Class of ’60, will to Gene Craig the only burned out light bulb in our homeroom, (Shop)

       I,  Penny Stearns, will to Mickey Wallace my ability to go with someone while they are away and date at the same time.

      I, Robert Steppuhn, will my one hour of sleep in English to Dan Duke.

      I, Carol Stevens, will to Yvonne Elonich my secret chemical formula for smelling-up the Chemistry room.  P.S.  Don’t be too hard on Mr. Harrison.

      I, Eugene Steward, will my ability to graduate to the Junior Class.

      I, Mike Stogdill, will my sense of humor to the Junior Class.

      I, Janet Stork, will my holes in my arm to Bob McNeal.  He put them there.

      I, Dennis Storm, will that all students be good, like I was.

      I, Meri Strong, will my “new” majorette uniform and my position as head majorette to Arla McCoy.

      I, Layland Struble, being of sound mind, do hereby will my trigger finger to Will Forcade.  May his be as itchy as mine.

      I, Bob Stubblefield, will to Lynn Forcade, my gold-plated putter.

      I, Fonda Sturgeon, will my shorthand ability to Bobette Nahash.

      I, Bill Talbot, will my ability to skip Art Class to Dick Johnson.

      I, Karen Taylor, will to Bonnie Buvak my auburn hair.

      I, Judith Tennigkeit, will my diary key to Jean Sweeney.

      I, Tom Tewes, will my 1959 fishing license to Marvin Munyon.

      I, Rodelle Thompson, hereby will by place on the Annual Staff as Art Editor to Sharon Gaines.

      I, Speed Tobias, do hereby leave.

      I, Eddie Tompkins, will to all of the following classes a set of traffic signals for the halls.

      I, Marilyn Tornholm, will my red, white and blue stripped shoes to Judy Ackerman with hope she will attract as much attention with them as I did.

      I, Sylvia Tornholm, will my ability to play the field to Cynthia Konecny, who is engaged to be married.

      I, Sandy Torrez, will to Robert Benohimy seniority at the Strand Theater.

      I, Suzanne Traylor, will to Pat Lewis my bikini pajamas to enable her to keep cool on summer nights.

      I, Patricia Trotter, will my ability to graduate in January to anyone who wishes to finish school before anyone else does.

      I, Marcia Vargas, will my typing and shorthand ability to any secretarial student who needs it.

      I, Jane Vernon, will to my sister, Sue, my ability to work, play, pass government tests and earn brownie points.

      I, Mary Vogt, will to Mary O’Brien my quiet and innocent ways.  Good Luck, Mary.

      I, JoAnn Waffle, will my crutches (for support) to Pat Lewis.

     I, Norman Wakefield, do hereby will my ability to get a flat tire every day to Denny Gardner.

      I, Terry Waldron, will my humorous attitude and many girlfriends to Denny Gardner.

      I, Garrett Walling, will my position in homeroom to Dick Johnson.  Help keep it noisy

      I, Tom Wasinger, will my ability to graduate to the next Senior Class.

      I, Cynthia Waugh, will my ability to go with one boy at a time to Jeannette Smith.

      I, Mary Waugh, will to one Sharon Gallaher my natural black hair in the hope that the next time you dye your hair it won’t turn green.

      I, Craig Wells, will my 1952 Plymouth.  It’s the slowest car in school.

      I, Donna West, will to Darlene Mendenhall, my ability to take seams out in Homemaking Class.

      I, Ronald Westerberg, will my ability to get along with teachers to Tom Bockert.

      I, Larry Wheeler, will my bad luck of being on D.O. and all the programs being in the afternoon to Jason Coziahr.

      I, Lester Whitney, will my car to anybody who will buy it.

      I, Lorraine Wigington, do hereby will all of the fun I have had during my senior year to my brother, Darryl Wigington.

      I, Jan Wilderman, being almost of sound mind and able body, do will to my two cousins, Jim Rabuck and Joe O’Dell, my ability to stay out of 7th period through my high school years.

      I, Alvin Wilson, being of feeble mind and shaky body, do hereby will “The Big Hammer” to “Swede Williams.

      I, Jolene Wilson, being of strong body and mind (?) do hereby bequeath to one Mary Conway my long loved nickname, “BONES.”  Use it well, Mary.

      I, Sondie Wilson, will to Sharon Sherlund the ability to organize her work better her Senior year.

      I, Dorothy Wingate, being of sound mind, do bequeath by ability to Judy Wohlert to write the educational and civic events of Mrs. Strickland’s career.

      I, Carol Witt, leave my ability to write poems for the Signal to Frank LeBaugh.

      I, William Wohlers, do will my good luck and future fortune to Kelleen Lamphear.

      I, Gloria Wray, will my friend’s blue sports car to my sister, Lorraine.

      I, Charles Young, will my great brain to Ronald Young who needs it.

      I, Nancy Zimmerman, being of sound mind (?), do hereby will and bequeath my varsity cheerleading sweater to Phyllis Anderson.  May she always wear it in good school spirit.


Item VIII:

To next seasons baseball, football, and basketball teams, we bequeath our unbounded enthusiasm and though we may not be in the cheering section, you can bet we will be somewhere in the crowd rooting for you.  Remember always, it isn’t who won or lost, but how you play the game.  Good luck, and may the best team win.  Our team, of course.


Item IX:

Upon our leaving we bequeath the talent and success which has been ours to the many clubs societies which have done so well in the past four years.  We sincerely hope that some of our talent has brushed off on to some of the class of 1961, so that they will not be a complete failure.

We judge ourselves by what we are capable of doing, while others judge us by what we have already accomplished.


Item X:

  To all beneficiaries mentioned and to anyone else who may be interested in the welfare of this school we all hold dear, we bequeath a part of our stock of loyalty to our school, our community, state and nation.

  May our school ever continue to be of the highest standards and survive in spite of the calamities we have caused, and in spite of our solemn departure from its ranks.

  In closing, we appoint our beloved principal, Bernard U. Bolton, to the sole executor of this, our Last Will and Testament; and in our haste if we have left any trivial possessions behind, we ask him to place them with all our other memories and possessions to be disposed of as he sees fit.

  In witness thereof, we the Class of 1960, have set our hand and seal on this the 26th day of May in the year of 1960.